“Betta in Pink” Original Painting

“Betta in Pink” Original Painting

Betta fish are so beautifully coloured, with amazing fin shapes and textures. I feel as though they look like swimming flowers! Peonies reminded me of the colours and textures of betta fish fins, which inspired me to paint them together.
The comparison between the florals and fish serve to emphasize their beauty and the relationships between different elements in our beautiful, natural world, in the hopes of inspiring a better appreciation for our beautiful planet and the plants and animals in it!

The painting has been custom framed and then painted by the artist using a perfect colour match to the main colour of the artwork, to further emphasize this beautiful colour found in nature!

24" x 30" acrylic painting on canvas, framed in a 26" x 32" x 1.5" deep hand-painted wood floater frame. Artwork is ready to hang.


Colours on the screen may vary slightly from the physical artwork that you receive, as colours are displayed differently across computer screens due to various settings.

Price is listed in Canadian currency (CAD$).